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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970

Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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Duct Sealing Can Impact Your Home Comfort

Duct Sealing Can Impact Your Home ComfortYour air ducts play a major role in keeping your home cool in Fresno’s hot, dry summers and in chasing away the chill during winter. Duct sealing helps your ducts do their job more efficiently so you can stay more comfortable and lower your bills.

Why Seal the Ducts?

Duct leaks can form when seals wear out, duct connections loosen as the sheet metal expands and contracts with temperature changes, or when the ducts are damaged. Improper installation is another cause.

These leaks let air escape from your ducts into unconditioned spaces, such as your basement and attic. As much as 20 percent of the air in your ducts can be lost this way. Sealing these leaks means more air from your A/C or furnace reaches your rooms, so you can adjust your thermostat to more energy-efficient temperatures with no loss of comfort. By stopping your duct leaks, you’ll enjoy several benefits:

  • Lower cooling and heating bills
  • More even temperatures throughout your home
  • Better air circulation and a less stuffy feeling in your rooms
  • Less risk of mold and moisture damage from humid air leaking into the attic

A Professional Touch Maximizes Efficiency

While sealing the ducts yourself will cut down on leakage somewhat, an experienced professional can reduce your duct leakage to as little as 5 percent. A professional can access parts of the ducts you can’t so no part of the duct system will be left unsealed.

The optimal duct sealing method depends partly on the duct material and the duct’s location. A professional knows when to use mastic and when to use an appropriate type of tape, as well as how to apply the product for the tightest seal. When a leak is due to damage, a professional will know whether repair or replacement is the most effective solution. While working on the ducts, a professional will be able to spot other issues that cause wasted air, such as spaces between joists being used in place of ducts.

To schedule professional duct sealing, contact us at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning in the Fresno area.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the greater Fresno, California area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). 

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