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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970

Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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4 Ways to Improve Heating Efficiency

savingsThe holiday season is just about at its peak and soon we will be in the lazy post-celebration days in which all of us collectively notice just how much we managed to spend. Ouch.

When the wallet is feeling a little tight after that last gift exchange, many of us may look for ways to cut back. One approach you might have considered is seeing how long you can go without using your heater. While this may seem like a viable option, it isn’t necessary. This is especially true because the pros on our team have put together a little list of ways that you can improve the efficiency of your heater. These tips will ultimately help ease the demand on your heater and help you keep that money in your wallet where it belongs.

You deserve to be able to truly relax once 2020 rolls around. We want to help! As we push through these final days of the holiday season, consider incorporating these tactics into your daily life to help you save on energy and make things a little easier on your furnace.

  1. Make the Most of that Shower: Humidity holds heat quite well, as anyone who has stepped outside on a humid day can attest to. This means the next time you steam up the bathroom with a hot shower, you can leave the door open instead. This allows the warm moisture from the bathroom into adjoining parts of your home which will help ease the job your heater has to do.
  2. Enjoy the Sunshine: California sees plenty of sunshine, even in winter. When the sun is hitting your windows, try leaving the shades up and the curtains open to allow the warmth from the sunlight into your home. Your worst enemy during summer is your best friend during winter.
  3. Reduce the Temperature: You may be stunned by this suggestion but hear us out. A little difference actually goes a long ways. The next time the outdoor temp hits 60°F, consider capping your thermostat setting at 68°F instead of somewhere in the 70s. This reduces the demand on your furnace and saves you a lot of money in the long run.
  4. Check on Your Heater: Is your heater making odd noises and producing a strange smell? Maybe the airflow coming from it seems weaker than normal. The best thing you can do to optimize your heater’s efficiency is to schedule professional furnace service in Fresno, CA. With the help of a trained technician, you can keep your furnace or heat pump running well for as long as your need it.

And there you have it: four great ways to improve the efficiency of your heater throughout the winter. When you utilize these tips, they will ultimately help your heater and ease the amount of money you have to spend on utilities. What’s more, if you combine these tactics with scheduling yearly maintenance for your heating system, you are guaranteeing your heater’s operational efficiency will be as optimized as possible.

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