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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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Why Should I Use an Energy Recovery Ventilator?

Homeowners everywhere are always looking for ways to live in greater comfort. Too often, though, homeowners mistakenly believe that doing so necessitates only a great heating and/or cooling system. This is a very problematic stance to take, as it ignores the vital role that indoor air quality plays in determining the overall comfort level in any given home. If you are interested in boosting your indoor air quality, you should give serious consideration to the use of an energy recovery ventilation in Sanger, CA. To learn more about ERVs and the potential benefits of using such a device in your home, just contact a member of the Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning team.

How an ERV Works

An energy recovery ventilator, or ERV, is a device which facilitates the transfer of stale, low-quality indoor air with fresh air from the outdoors. It operates as a heat exchanger as well as a ventilator, meaning that it is able to transfer thermal energy between the two air streams. In the winter, when you are heating your home, the incoming cool air is prewarmed by the outgoing stale air. This means that you are not just wasting the energy that you used to heat that air as you vent it out of your home. In the summer, the outgoing cool air absorbs heat from the incoming air, cooling it before it makes its way into your HVAC system. The ERV also serves to balance humidity between the air streams.

Benefits of Using an ERV

There are a few ways in which the use of an ERV can benefit you. First of all, it can help you to boost the quality of the air in your home without wasting energy when ventilating your home sufficiently. This also takes a lot of strain off of your HVAC system, which can protect its condition. In order to fully benefit from the use of any energy recovery ventilator, though, system device must be expertly installed by a trained professional. Work with us to guarantee that this is the case.

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