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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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3 Reasons to Consider the Use of a Heat Pump

With energy costs being as high as they are, homeowners are always looking for ways in which to heat and cool their homes more efficiently. Of course, we tend to use our air conditioners more than our heaters in this part of the country, but the fact of the matter is that your heater truly is just as important as your AC, if not used quite as much. With that in mind, the HVAC professionals on our staff recommend that you consider the use of a heat pump in Fresno, CA. Heat pumps have many benefits to offer homeowners, and are ideally suited for use in our area. Read more about the benefits of heat pumps below, and schedule your heat pump services with Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning.


The unique design of the heat pump means that it is able to reverse its operation in order to function as both a heating and a cooling system. During the summer months, when temperatures soar, the heat pump will remove heat from the air in your home just as a traditional split central air conditioner does (though you should remember that ductless mini splits can also utilize heat pump technology). In the winter, though, heat pumps reverse the refrigerant cycle, using existing heat from the air outside in order to warm the interior space of your home, after further compressing refrigerant warmed by this existing heat.


The efficiency with which a heat pump is capable of heating a home is, frankly, impossible for most other heating systems to contend with. This is because of the fact that so much existing thermal energy is used. The heat transfer process, upon which the operation of the heat pump depends, requires only a small amount of electricity to be used.


Sunny California is actually a pretty ideal place to be using a heat pump. In certain places, where the temperature drops to sub-freezing temperatures regularly, the heat pump would not be able to absorb enough thermal energy to function effectively during the winter season. Our mild winter weather, on the other hand, makes the heat pump a great option to consider. Contact us for more details.

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