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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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How Can You Manage Hot and Cold Spots Throughout Your Home?

How Can You Manage Hot and Cold Spots Throughout Your Home?If you’re suffering from hot and cold flashes — and you’re not the only one — it’s probably related to your HVAC system. It’s not uncommon to have hot and cold spots in your home. Luckily, there are steps you can take to manage these temperature swings so that you and your family stay consistently comfortable.

Why Are There Hot and Cold Spots?

Two of the main reasons why you have areas of your home that are colder or hotter than the rest are the location of your thermostat and the layout of your house.

Your thermostat reads the temperature in one location in your house. Of course, there is no guarantee that every spot in your house will be the same temperature. You may have hot and cold spots because the temperature your thermostat is reading isn’t accurate for the spot you’re in.

The layout of your house can be an issue, too. Heat rises, so an upstairs area is likely to be warmer than a downstairs area. Open-concept designs can also make consistent heating and cooling difficult.

How to Manage Hot and Cold Spots

There are some simple solutions to your temperature control problems. Some are DIY, while others require an HVAC professional’s help.

  • Obstructions. Sometimes your temperature issues are caused by obstructions such as furniture placed in front of the vents. Check to make sure all vents are clear of anything blocking the flow of air into the room.
  • Fans. Ceiling and box fans can help circulate air. If you have a two-story family room, for example, ceiling fans can help move the hot air downward and make regulating the whole room’s temperature much easier.
  • Dampers. While closing off the vents in individual rooms can put a strain on your HVAC system, having professionally installed dampers placed in the ductwork can achieve the same effect without the strain.
  • Temperature Zones. Work with your HVAC technician to install special thermostats to control the temperature in problem rooms or areas.

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